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January 27th, 2018
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
(with a bonus event for families that evening)

Davis Conference Center
1651 N. 700 W.
Layton, UT 84041


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Adult Keynotes

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Kirk Duncan, 3 Key Elements

Kirk has taught and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, trainers, educators, and community leaders to expand their potential, refine talents, increase confidence, and get the results they are looking for. His inspiring message, interactive storytelling, and wealth of resources captivate and move audiences. Kirk shares from his experience techniques to create freedom, transformation, and abundance. His programs work.

Adult Keynote – “The Heart & Soul of a Leader”

Courage is the fuel that feeds the Heart & Soul of a Leader. It takes courage, raw effort, and determination to take an idea and see it through to completion. Why is it that so many ideas are not getting finished, some not even started? Unfinished plans, ideas, and projects are an outward indicator of an inside glitch. Find out what’s tripping you up – what you could be missing. There is a reason you’re running out of fuel and raw effort before you cross the finish line.

James_Ure_Headshot sm
James Ure – Williamsburg Academy

James is a constitutional attorney turned education entrepreneur. Together with his best friend and business partner, he founded Williamsburg Learning, Williamsburg Academy, and Williamsburg Adventures. These help students and educators across the country live meaningful lives, have transformational adventures, and develop principled leadership. He is currently passionate about helping intentional parents live amazing stories and create unique family cultures.

Adult Keynote – “Your Family Has a Story. Here’s How to Live it”

Your family culture is unique – you homeschool! You take on the world, life and family differently. This is an advantage. In this presentation, James Ure, President of Williamsburg Learning, will teach you how to strengthen your family culture and live the story your family is meant to live.

Adult Breakout Sessions

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Tammy Ward_sm
Tammy Anderson Ward, Hope Haven Events

Supporting homeschooling communities is one of Tammy’s favorite passions + home educating her awesome family. She is the founder of the Winter Homeschool Conference and is grateful it’s become one of the yummiest attractions for homeschoolers from all walks of life in Utah and states around. Homeschooler for 10 years, 8 kids, 1 beautiful granddaughter, loves to learn, connect to community, offer support #grammytammy #WHConf

Adult Breakout Session – “Find FUN For YOU AND THEM”

There have been times in our learning journey when we have become bored with learning. At that point, it’s easy to become distracted or even just not want to learn. Come find FUN again!! This class is hands on with practical ways to do this. PLUS – Go home with tons of FREE RESOURCES for all age groups!!

James_Ure_Headshot sm
James Ure – Williamsburg Academy

James is a constitutional attorney turned education entrepreneur. Together with his best friend and business partner, he founded Williamsburg Learning, Williamsburg Academy, and Williamsburg Adventures. These help students and educators across the country live meaningful lives, have transformational adventures, and develop principled leadership. He is currently passionate about helping intentional parents live amazing stories and create unique family cultures.

Adult Breakout Session – “Five Steps from a Transactional Family to a Transformational Family”

James Ure is passionate about helping people, families, and organizations live transformationally. Together with his wife and 4 children, they have created an intentional and unique family culture. Together with his business partner, they have created a transformational company culture for their 75 employees. James wants to share with you the top five steps he has discovered in both family and company environs to help you and your family progress even further towards transformation.

Adam_Hailstone sm
Adam Hailstone, Leadership Academy of Utah

Adam received his BA from a small Liberal Arts school. He has spoken to 1000’s of people across North America inspiring people to improve their lives and obtain a liberal arts education. It is his life’s mission to help pull people out of life’s ruts and to motivate them to live a meaningful life. Adam spent much of his 20’s as a small business owner. Later he sold his business to help build Williamsburg Learning, which operates three schools, including Leadership Academy of Utah. Currently, he is serving as a Mentor, Director of Leadership and Chief Marketing Officer

Adult Breakout Session – “The Science of Happy Kids and Happy Parenting”

Did you know that children with a certain type of mother have a 10% larger hippocampus – the part of the brain that manages stress and memory? In this presentation, Adam Hailstone will teach you some surprising, shocking and confirming truths about raising happy kids. You won’t want to miss this entertaining and inspiring presentation!

Ben_Brown sm
Ben Brown, Williamsburg Learning

Ben started reading about the same time he started talking, and he’s loved doing both ever since. He has this insatiable hunger to know everything and so he reads all sorts of topics – history, philosophy, psychology literature, business, leadership, science, current events, etc. He can’t stop and just learning things though; as soon as he’s learned something new it wants to come roaring out of him to the first person he sees, regardless of how interested they are So, mentoring was a natural fit for Ben: it gave him a venue to teach and a reason to learn. He studied liberal arts in college and received a BA from George Wythe University in 2010. Currently he is helping to build Williamsburg Learning as a Mentor, Curriculum Director, and Science Program Leader.

Adult Breakout Session – “The Maturity System”

Parenting often feels, to borrow a phrase from J.K. Rowling, like “a subtle science and exact art.” Add homeschooling to the mix and things can get chaotic. Well, the folks at Williamsburg Learning have developed a solution. It’s called The Maturity System, and it makes privileges, consequences and (dare we say) parenting easier.

Lucas_Reynolds sm
Lucas Reynolds, Williamsburg Learning

When Lucas was a boy he dreamed of growing up and being a college football star – 6’3″, 230 pounds of solid muscle. He was sure he would win the Heisman Trophy and go down in history. Then his dream changed. At age 14 h e was given a choice: he could either join the high school football team or become a TA at a local private school. After a few weeks of swinging back and forth, he finally made a decision: he wanted to teach. He didn’t realize at the time how much that would shape his life. He never made it to six-feet tall, or even 150 pounds, but he has enjoyed teaching youth with four different organizations in a variety of subjects: from Shakespeare to Economics. He currently is helping to build Williamsburg Learning as a Mentor and Assistant Executive Director.

Adult Breakout Session – “Communication Rhythms that Strengthen Your Unique Family Culture”

George Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place.” Have you ever been blindsided by problems you thought you had already solved? Come learn how to overcome this challenge from the folks at Williamsburg Learning. See how we have created family systems that will forever change your family.

Carol Mangels sm
Carol Mangels, 3 Key Elements

Carol is a mentor, trainer, author, and 17-year Homeschool veteran. She has been married for 33 years to her Green Beret Special Forces hubby. She is the mother of 10, grandmother of 7, and a 3 Key Elements Mentor. She is passionate about creating educational experiences with hands-on learning, consistent and transformative routines, and “one step at a time” goal achievement. Raised in the mountains of NW Montana, Carol has a deep love and appreciation for nature and family. Her life’s mission is to inspire and mentor individuals and families to connect within themselves, create their dreams, live their passions, and to actively serve those they influence.

Adult Breakout Session – “Got Heroes?”

Literature and history are filled with heroes from which to pull strength, model values, and emulate characteristics. Discover how to use the lives of heroes to inspire your family, fortify their minds, and bring to life their education. Learn how to cultivate the hearts of your children with heroes – uncover the way they lived their lives, the steps they took to achieve greatness, how they served, and the legacy they created. Teach your children the power of heroes.

“People need heroes. They need someone to take up the battle of injustice.”
– Howard Pyle, Men of Iron

Nicholeen Peck headshot_lg
Nicholeen Peck, Teaching Self Government

When it comes to parenting, Nicholeen Peck is a worldwide phenomenon and leader – and for good reason! Her proven system based on Four Simple Skills transforms even the most out-of-control teenagers and homes from chaos to calm within days. Though she’s an international speaker, author, mentor, former foster parent of many difficult and troubled teens, and even President of the Worldwide Organization for Women (an approved consultant for the United Nations), Nicholeen spends most of her time at home with her husband and four children, which she knows will be her greatest impact and legacy. The fact that she has such an international influence while still being a stay-at-home mom is evidence of the effectiveness of her teachings. Learn more about her mission and methods at her website.

Adult Breakout Session – “Transforming the Tone of Your Homeschool”
When your homeschool day is a success, why is that? Is it just because you checked off all the lists? Or, is it more than that? Is it because your family felt inspired,  bonded together, and united by the learning that happened? I’ve noticed over the years that there are ways to create better homeschool days that don’t involve lists. When your home feels exciting, loving, inspiring and united your family will always grow and learn in remarkable ways. This class will teach the 3 ways to make homeschool magically unifying so that you have memories to last a lifetime.
Adult Breakout Session – “Creating Confident Thinkers and Problem Solvers”
Students who make it far academically are those who know how to think, analyze and problem solve well. Creating this type of learning is all about setting up the right environment. This class will focus on how you can make some simple shifts in your homeschool to create an environment for inspiring confident thinkers and problem solvers.
Wayne Bio Photo Branded_sm
Wayne Turetzky, 3 Key Elements Chief Marketing Officer

Wayne Turetzky has experience helping companies better their sales, marketing and continuous improvement systems. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, has visited more than ten foreign countries, and lived in Poland for two years. Outside of work, Wayne enjoys international films, new restaurants with his wife, and being outdoors with the two children they’ve been blessed to adopt. He never wants to stop learning and finds joy in helping people realize and reach their maximum potential.

Adult Breakout Session – “Fortifying Families – The Dark Side of Declarations”
As an adult, the challenges you face in life today stem from the pattersn of belief you previously learned in childhood. Your family is on the same path. Who’s programming your child today, and what are they being taught?
Jenny Phillips_sm
Jenny Phillips, Singer/Songwriter

As a Christian songwriter and music producer, Jenny Phillips has shared her love of music across the world, speaking at over 1,100 events in 23 countries and selling over a million CDs. When Jenny’s children began going to school, she turnes toward another one of her passions-education. Jenny began homeschooling in an effort to provide a faith-based, high-academic education focused on building noble character.
Jenny has a life-long love of literature and learning and received a degree in English from Brigham Young University. While in college, and after college, Jenny worked as a writer and editor before having her first child. Driven by the goal to help lead others to literature that is of high moral, literary, and educational value, Jenny has spent thousands of hours studying literature and its effects on character development, reviewing books, and creating a list that identifies hundreds of wholesome books of the highest merit.

Adult Breakout Session – “The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum Class:”
Not wholly satisfied with any curriculum she could find, Jenny Phillips began creating her own “dream” curriculum, utilizing her life-long love and study of literature and history. Realizing her vision for the curriculum was a monumental task and wanting to share it with others, Jenny hired a team of editors, writers, educators, designers, and illustrators, and in August 2015, she launched The Good & The Beautiful. The curriculum is now used by tens of thousands of homeschool children across the world. Come and learn the philosophies behind the curriculum, how it is unique, and how to use and organize it.
Adult Breakout Session – “Changing Screen Time Habits Changes Lives”
Why and how to get yourself and your children away from time-wasting technology and more connected with people, nature, God, good books, creativity, and imagination. Learn the latest statistics, gain valuable insights and practical ideas. This just may be one of the most life-changing classes you take at a homeschool convention.
Jenny Ballif, “Science Mom”

Jenny is “Science Mom”, a YouTuber and author of several activity guides. She has a master’s degree in Plant Science and has worked as a molecular biologist and a wildland firefighter, and at several other jobs that fall in between wearing a lab coat and wielding a chainsaw. During the past five years, she has donated more than 400 unpaid hours teaching science in public schools across Nevada.

Adult Breakout Session – “Cultivate wonder and find the extraordinary in the ordinary”
One of the most wonderful things about science is how many mysteries and unanswered questions we still have. What is light? Why is quantum physics so incredibly bizarre? What exactly is matter, or time, or gravity? We don’t really know. There are two types of wonder, that of being with something and experiencing a moment of awe for what it is, and that of curiosity and questioning. Both are captivating and with the right approach, both types of wonder can be an integral part of every science lesson, making science a fantastic bridge to the other core subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Wade & Catherine reed_sm
Wade & Catherine Reed, Creators of BizyBeez

Wade and Catherine Reed are the happy homeschooling parents of 6 adventurous, imaginative, energetic kiddos! They are the creators of BizyBeez, a toy company empowering parents to connect with their kids in fun, engaging ways. Wade has an MBA and has spent the past decade coaching couples to significantly increase their results with money. Catherine has a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, taught preschool for 8 years, and established the Adventures in Light Commonwealth. Since 2009, they’ve been teaching parenting classes and speaking throughout the community about bringing more peace and joy back into the home.

Adult Breakout Session – “Empowering Kids to be Entrepreneurs”
Do your kids ever beg you for money? Never again! We will teach you our system with 5 principles to empower kids to work hard, think smart, earn their own money, save, and give generously.
ToriAnn Perkey, Homeschool to Homeschool

ToriAnn Perkey is a mother, mentor, and teacher. Homeschooling since 2004, she strives to lead each of her children to discover, celebrate, and prepare for the unique role that each has come to earth to play. Since 2008, ToriAnn has empowered families to feel confident and successful as they liberate their kid’s education through her interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes, and online programs. She has served as the past president of WHEN (Wasatch Home Educators Network)–the largest homeschooling network in Utah and the main teacher for The Homeschool Support Group. ToriAnn lives in Orem, Utah with her husband Josh, and their four kids. Learn more at www.homeschooltohomeschool.com

Adult Breakout Session – “Homeschooling 101”
Thinking about homeschooling as an option for your children, but don’t know where to start? New to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed with the wide array of available choices? Join ToriAnn as she presents a step-by-step process that explains how to begin choosing curriculum, reviews different homeschool philosophies and explains teaching styles.
Britton LaTulippe_sm
Britton LaTulippe, Author & Illustrator

No one understands education like Britton LaTulippe. This homeschooling father of six is the author and illustrator of more than 70 children’s books, author of Revealing School, and the owner of Blue Manor’s Online Academy

Adult Breakout Session – “Training Character for Greatness”
Why do some parents spend $50,000 a year to send their child to an elite prep school? What do prep schools do that public schools don’t? Simple. Prep schools educate for greatness. But it isn’t just about the academics; at elite prep schools, character is king.
Since your children’s future will more likely be determined by the quality of their character than by their test scores, it’s essential that you know how to develop it. Drawing from both his experiences at prep school and in the military, Mr. LaTulippe will give you practical tips on how to instill a spirit of courage, self-control and honor in your children.
Greg Denning_sm
Greg Denning, Speaker/Trainer/Mentor

Greg Denning inspires, motivates and empowers parents and youth to unlock their untapped potential, become their best and live the life they were born to live. He has been teaching, speaking and mentoring for 20 years, and across 5 continents. Growing up in a broken home and out on his own at 16, he voraciously sought the proven principles and practices for true happiness, success and significance. He found them! Now his mission is to strengthen families all across the globe. With their 7 children, Greg and Rachel have traveled around the world for the last 10 years, homeschooling and ‘world schooling’ their kids. With his amazing stories, insights, and enthusiasm, Greg will share the tools and techniques you need to SUPERCHARGE your family and your home school.

Adult Breakout Session – “How to Help Your Children Reach the Potential You Know They Have”
I’ve asked parents all around the world what they want most for their children. The #1 answer I hear, is that they want them to reach their untapped potential. But HOW? After studying personal development and high performance for 23 years I’ve identified and applied the few simple steps to inspire our youth to become self-confident, self-motivated, and self-disciplined to pursue their potential so you can stop worrying and nagging.
Mary Ann Johnson_sm
Mary Ann Johnson, Speaker/Author

Mary Ann is a family connection expert. Her book, Becoming a Present Parent, teaches the art of being present despite the business of life. She has been presenting her Presence concepts across the country in workshops and webinars for over six years. She and her husband, Don, have seven children.

Adult Breakout Session – “Process vs. Outcome”
Process vs. Outcome. Knowing the Difference can change your family relationships. Kids and adults are different. This difference can get in the way of enjoying activities together. Come and learn eight motivations that get adults in trouble when working with kids and how to have more satisfaction in your parenting by making a mental shift.
Kim Walker_sm
Kim Walker, Director Clever Container

Kim is a busy Wife, Mother and Grandmother! She has been married to her sweetheart for 34 years, is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 9 wonderful grandchildren! In her ‘spare time’ she is an Organizing Consultant who helps her clients create the systems in their lives that allow them to focus on what matters most, family! She is an Advanced Director with Clever Container and is a trainer on their Corporate Training team, and was recently a trainer at their National Conference!

Adult Breakout Session – “An Organized Homeschool Space”
Is your homeschooling space neat and tidy or a disorganized mess?  By creating systems for your homeschooling supplies you will maximize not just your space but also be more efficient with your time!  Kim will share tips and tricks to organize everything from paper to crafting supplies and so much more.
Lynne Hanson_sm
Lynne Hanson, Teacher & Director

Lynne Hanson has a B.A. in Elementary Education, California Teaching Credential Reading Specialist Certificate State of California Classroom Teacher, Resource Teacher, Reading Specialist, Intervention Specialist Director of Project CLINIC (Federally funded Cross-Age Tutoring Program) E.S.E.A. Title 3 service team on Cross-Age Tutoring and Self Esteem, Classroom Teacher for DOE Dependent Schools, ESL teacher of immigrant children in Borough of Bedford, England Owner/Director of Creekside Private School Reading Consultant & Intervention Teacher, Cupertino & Mt. View, CA Author of over 100 Phonics CODE Books, Read and See Phonics CLUE Books and Author of “Monster Lie”, a children’s book on Amazon.

Adult Breakout Session – “Watch me Teach a Non-Reader to Read in 40 Minutes”
Prerequisite; consonant sounds. In 9 phonics-based charts students will learn how to read. This is an easy, fail-proof system for teaching all types of learners. End the frustration. The first part is learned with a song. The system has all the necessary guides and books and also functions as an evaluation tool.
James Garret_sm
James Garnet, Brain by Design

For over a decade, James Garrett has been studying and teaching the brain science behind what makes human beings thrive. As an entrepreneur, scientist, and educator, he’s passionate about turning academic knowledge about the human brain into practical tools that anyone can use to change their life. Having built an award-winning social startup – and having gone through a major burnout along the way – James feels deeply that we need to change the way we learn, work and innovate. Through his company, Brain by Design, he offers powerful, 100% evidence-based tools that help individuals and organizations maximize productivity, creativity & joy.

Adult Breakout Session – “Designing Your Homeschool with the Brain in Mind”
How can we foster well-being and mindfulness in our children alongside the productivity, creativity, and high performance they’ll need to succeed? By designing educational experiences with the brain in mind. In this session you’ll discover cutting-edge tools and strategies that will help you infuse your homeschool with the power of brain science!
Mara Rean_sm
Mara Ream, Morrison Law Group

Mara Ream is a wife, mother of five and with her husband Scott runs a cattle ranch. She has also been a professional int he financial industry for 15 years, participating in many aspects of the trade. She is currently working with Morrison Law Group, a statewide bankruptcy and debt relief law firm.

Adult Breakout Session – “Make Your Budget Work”
Is your budget working against you? Did you know it can work FOR you? Is the energy of your flow of money discouraging? Or is it something that creates hope? Imagine a budget that helps you plan every part of your life, a financial strategy that helps you even when life throws unexpected adventures your way. Mara has seen firsthand the strain financial hardships can place on families, relationships and personal esteem. She is passionate about relieving the burden of such circumstances. That is why she created “Why I Budget”. This program is geared toward motivating others to discover awareness of their situation, inspire to take action by creating a clear budgeting plan and educating on how your personal flow of money works…helping you see beyond your walls.
Joe Dyke
Joe Dyke, Math Inspirations

Joe Dyke is co-founder of Math Inspirations. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Middle East Studies Arabic, he pursued his passion for teaching and mentoring young people by teaching high school math in Yuma nad Gilbert, Arizona for 3 years. In 2012, he and his wife Emily moved their family to the Phoenix valley and founded Math Inspirations to mentor and empower homeschool parents to mentor their students using the Discovery Method to build them into confident, self-reliant, powerful thinkers.

Adult (& Youth) Breakout Session – “Helping Your Students Conquer The Math ACT/SAT”
So you’ve spent the last decade helping your child learn math. Hundreds of hours of flash cards and worksheets and $$$ on textbooks and now all that effort is about to be judged by the “supreme math court”, the ACT/SAT test. This judgment day can be a daunting and stressful time for your student and you too – hardest of all is that their time to complete their preparation now seems so limited, counting down the days and months before the test. How do you maximize the time that your student has to get the best result possible? Should they cram? Should they just take a million practice tests? Should they wait another year? These are difficult questions that millions of parents have struggled with before. There is an answer to these questions. In fact, the answer is surprisingly simple – and I’ve seen it help every age of student with every math background find success on the ACT/SAT. If you have teenage students, no matter how strong or weak their math talent, this presentation is for you. Come learn the one simple secret to maximize the results of your student on these high-stakes tests.
Emily Dyke
Emily Dyke, Math Inspirations

Emily Dyke is co-founder of Math Inspirations and author of Hands On Math and 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Math. Emily’s pursuit of professional teaching began at Brigham Young University, being mentored by renowned math ed. guru Dr. Blake Peterson. After graduation, Emily  moved to Arizona to teach in the public system and quickly realized the severe limitations of a traditional math education. So in 2012, Emily and her husband Joe moved their family to the Phoenix valley and founded Math Inspirations to mentor and empower homeschool parents to mentor their students using the Discovery Method to build them into confident, self-reliant, powerful thinkers.

Adult Breakout Session – “Becoming A Powerful Math Mentor”
Is your math just making calculators out of your kids? If so, why are they memorizing math rules and procedures or even studying math at all if they have an actual calculator that can do everything their being taught? The hard truth is, we don’t need human calculators any more, we need self-reliant, powerful thinkers. Think about it, no one sat down with Isaac Newton and told him: “here are the 3 steps to do calculus.” He had to observe patterns. He struggled. He hypothesized. He experimented. He failed. And then, he discovered calculus. Your kids can do this too. They can become self-reliant thinkers through what I call the Discovery Method. Families across the world are thriving int his new approach to math. For them, math has become an engaging and powerful part of their homeschooling. They’ve learned to unlock the potential that mathematics has to teach their children how to think and reason and become self-reliant problem solvers. So if you think to yourself: I am worried that my kids are behind in math. – I’m not sure I know math, so how am I supposed to teach it? – I am sick of sending my kids off with workbooks. – I wish my kids didn’t dread doing math. – I wish I didn’t dread math time. – My kids are doing the work, but are they really learning math? Then this presentation is for you. Come learn how you can do this in your home, no matter what curriculum you are using. It’s time to create the math program you really want.
Molly Christensen sm
Molly Christensen, Mentor Your Kids
Molly has homeschooled her 7 amazing children (ages 6-23) for the past 17 years. She has an engineering degree from BYU but since found great passion in mothering, teaching and mentoring. She has founded multiple homeschool co-ops and taught numerous classes for youth and adults. She is the owner of Mentor Your Kids which provides training, mentoring, and a simple, family-style, principle-based curriculum to help you raise heroes (Building Heroes Academy). She is passionate about encouraging and mentoring others in their life journeys.
Adult Breakout Session – “All About Motivation: How to inspire your kids!”
There is so much you want your kids to learn. But you pull out the school work and the power struggle begins. You wonder what you got yourself into when you decided to homeschool! Isn’t there a better way than having to “make” them do it all? In this class you’ll learn all about motivations and how to inspire your kids to want to learn instead of you having to be the bad guy. You and your kids will love homeschool when you understand how motivation really works.
David Christopher Headshot
David Christopher, The School of Natural Healing
David has been raised in the simple ways of natural health, David’s interests grew beyond his university study. In 1974 David Christopher, M.H., took his place by his father’s side at The School of Natural Healing. David’s book entitled An Herbal Legacy of Courage is a loving tribute to his father. In 1979 he became a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. Today, thousands safely apply the Christopher methodology thanks to his directorship. David is an international lecturer and has been instrumental in helping to establish Herbal Schools in England and Ireland. David and his wife Fawn host a weekly radio program, “A Healthier You.” He has generated new ideas on the management of high blood pressure, diabetes and auto-immune diseases, and was one of the first to discourage the use of Prozac in favor of natural methods. David Christopher’s goal in life is to help others learn to benefit from a healthier lifestyle.
Adult Breakout Session – “The Necessity of Natural Health Courses”
David Christopher’s father, Dr. John R. Christopher, created The School of Natural Healing in 1953. David is now the director of this online and correspondence school. In this lecture you will learn how educating yourself with natural healing methods can give you tools to help prevent disease and equip you with life saving knowledge. This knowledge will help you decipher medical facts from the business of medicine. Come and learn how natural healing education can enrich your life!
Glenn J Kimber
Glenn Kimber, “The Healing of America”
Glenn was born and raised in northern Utah. In 1965 he married Julianne Skousen and shortly thereafter he joined the Air Force where he served for 4 years, including one tour of duty to Vietnam.
Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University. He then joined with W. Cleon Skousen in establishing an educational foundation called the Freemen Institute, which was organized for the purpose of teaching American History, the Founding Fathers and principles of the Constitution. During the next number of years, Dr. Kimber presented patriotic seminars and conferences in all 50 states and in a number of foreign countries.
Continuing his education, he receiving two Doctorate degrees, one in Constitutional Studies in 1992 from Coral Ridge Baptist University, based in Florida. Later on he received a second Doctorate in education from George Wythe College. Dr. Kimber and his wife established a series of private schools called the Benjamin Franklin Academies to incorporate back into the classroom a strong moral and patriotic curriculum. In 2001 he also established the Kimber Academies, a private school for students ages K – 12. He and his wife have authored over 100 textbooks and educational guides which emphasize the U.S. Constitution, America’s Founding Fathers, and moral and religious values in all five core subjects. Currently,he is the president of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration, and in that capacity conducts seminars throughout the United States called “The Healing of America.”
Adult Breakout Session – Who is God’s “A-Team”?
This class will help parents understand that they are God’s “A-Team” in teaching and raising his children. They will also learn Teaching Techniques that can help students to find their place and role in the world around them. Youth: Learning to Find Your TRUE Potential In the world today, youth are finding it harder and harder to realize what they can accomplish, and who they can become. Dr Kimber will help them to learn how to find that knowledge, and ways to use that knowledge in reaching their True Potential. lunch-Curriculum Workshop: Dr Kimber will be discussing the Kimber Curriculum and the Intrinsic Values that can be learned by using it.
Adult Breakout Session – “Curriculum Workshop”
Dr. Kimber will be discussing the Kimber Curriculum and the Intrinsic Values that can be learned by using it.
Kim Davis 2
Kim Davis, Addiction Prevention Mentor
Kim is a dynamic presenter who will enlighten and inspire you to claim your power! As a professional mentor and storyteller, Kim teaches others to apply the powerful Eternal Warriors principles to fight and win battles ranging from addiction prevention/recovery to everyday life challenges. Because she and her husband, Jay, homeschool their eight children, Kim understands everyday challenges! Kim pioneered the use of Eternal Warriors to teach families and has been mentoring others to “clear the smoke” and “stay at a Zero” for four years. Kim is excited to inspire you to step into the light and claim your power!
Adult Breakout Session – “Why Smart People Do Dumb Things” Or “What Was I Thinking?”
Are you or someone you love fighting: addictions, fear, anger, stress, or other overwhelming everyday challenges? Learn what is going on in your brain and how to claim your power! Fight the REAL battle and WIN!
Marilynn Clark, Inside-Out Methodology
Marilynn founded a non-profit in 2007 after many visits to Africa. Seeking a root cause of the extreme poverty, she came to understand that the existing rote-learning methods only taught students to memorize, but did not teach creativity, analysis, character, or the joy of learning. Therefore, the lack of innovation and a moral compass had impacted the sluggish economy and harsh social conditions. The positive outcome of 5 day teacher training seminars and the requests for additional training has been significant. To meet this growing need, an online training has been developed. Now all teachers can benefit from the Inside-Out methodology.
Adult Breakout Session – “How can you prepare students for 21st Century jobs and to be contributing members of society?”
Inside-Out Learning, a non-profit, has been empowering teachers in Africa and Peru since 2007. If you want to stimulate innovative thinking skills and understand how to ignite unique learning styles, come to this class.
Stacey Lytle
Stacey Lytle, Award Winning Author
Stacey is a passionate speaker, educator, and award-winning author! To her great delight, she has devoted well over 20 years to these endeavors with much of that time being spent homeschooling her own seven children, empowering women and youth, working on teacher development projects and parent education. She loves coordinating events of all sizes and is responsible for the formation of several learning cooperatives in Idaho. Stacey is the award-winning author of a life-changing Christmas Tale, titled The Glitter Keeper, and author of an educator’s book entitled FUNology. Her latest book was released in May of 2017 and is titled, Insanely-Inspiring Writing Prompts for Littles, Middles, & Biggles.Stacey’s greatest joy is being the Mom to a handful-and-a-half of children. She spends her days right alongside them learning and experiencing all this life has to offer. Milkshake dates with her very own Knight-in-Shining-Armor are a weekly treat, and a lifesaver in this crazy and amazing life! If she had one wish come true, she would cover the whole world with glitter in the hope of spreading light and joy for all.
Adult Breakout Session – “What I Know For Sure”

Please join Stacey as she joyfully shares her well-earned knowledge as a veteran homeschool mom of 7. Find inspiration and tips as she shares her crazy and beautiful moments of motherhood, the hard lessons of raising her tribe, the roller-coaster of up’s & down’s, the accomplishment of a three-decade-dream, and the keys to more than merely surviving…YES, you can have a life of thriving! Stacey will share her best kept secrets gained from 23 amazing years of homeschooling and raising her handful-and-a-half of kids!

Sara Erling, TDI Specialist
Sara Erling has been a TDI (Targeted Developmental Intervention) Specialist for the National Association for Child Development (NACD) for 20 years. She has trained extensively under Robert Doman, Jr., founder of NACD, who at the age of 70, has spent the last 50 years developing the work of the Neurodevelopmental Approach. Utilizing the Neurodevelopmental Approach, Sara has had the opportunity to evaluate, design, and supervise individualized TDI programs for thousands of children all over the world.
Adult Breakout Session – “Better Outcomes, Less Time”
Education is Simple if You Simply Make Your Kid Smarter. The National Association for Child Development (NACD) has been designing individualized homeschool programs for over 40 years. NACD helps parents make their homeschooling efficient, effective, and enjoyable. We will teach you how to get better outcomes with less time. With child-centered learning, using appropriate frequency, intensity, and duration, we expect your child to advance two to three academic grade levels in one year. Building processing skills and working memory will produce a smarter child, and educating smarter children is easy.
Melanie Cameron
Melanie Cameron, EPIC Adventures
I am a mother to 7 and grandmother to 11. I have been educating my children in an EPIC way since my oldest were little, although only my 2 youngest were homeschooled. Both of them graduated using EPIC Adventures as our way of learning. I now teach, train, and mentor others who want to teach their children with EPIC Adventures.
Adult Breakout Session – “Lighting the Fire Within”
Using research on how the brain works best, learn how to excite your children about learning. Ditch the boring textbooks and worksheets and light a fire in your children! Create adventures that will instill the EPIC pattern of learning.
Boyd Tuttle, President of Digital Legend Press & Publishing
Boyd and his wife are parents to nine children and they have experienced everything from home, private, public and charter schools.He got his BS in Engineering at BYU 1986, in 91 MS in Mgmt of Technology at Lehigh Univ. Boyd has 25 years with Xerox Corp in NY and 5 years in Japan. He is a Publisher of over 200 books both LDS and National titles. He Currently is the President of Digital Legend Press & Publishing, an “Education Liaison” for the Universal Model since 2015 and is fluent in Spanish and Japanese.
Adult Breakout Session – “Teaching Science to Young People Using the Universal Model”
This class is oriented toward young learners from 7th grade thru 12th. (And their parents) Parents and youth alike with enjoy this session. Youth will come alive as they begin to get a taste of the UM. Parents will be thrilled when they discover that hard questions are easy once they know the answers. This class is designed to help youth, parents and teachers discover the beauty and simplicity of nature when seen through the lens of the Universal Model.

Adult (and Youth) Breakout Session – “Introduction to The Universal Model (UM) – A New Millennial Science”
Everyone must attend this class at least once. It is the introduction to the iconoclastic new science model that is revolutionizing the world of science. The UM was developed over 3 decades by a team of open-minded scientists whose motto was: “Follow the evidence, no preconceived narratives, theories or dogmas allowed.”

Mark Robilliard (1)
Mark Robilliard, Accountant
Mark is a Co-founder and CEO Americas of Color Accounting International, an education and publishing firm headquartered in Washington DC. He’s an Aussie who lives in the US and travels widely, leading seminars in financial statement and business acumen skills, for lawyers, bankers and business people. Some of his teaching for senior execs is done in secret. He is a Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and was the National Training Manager for KPMG Australia. He has also managed the Human Resources Department for the largest insurer in Australia. He is on the adjunct faculty of American University and has taught at other secondary, tertiary and post-grad institutions in the US and Australia. He has co-authored a number of books, including Accounting Comes Alive: The Color Accounting Parable, and Color Accounting: The New Graphical System That Makes Learning Accounting Easy And Quick. He believes that Accounting is a critical ‘life subject’.
Adult Breakout Session – “Color Accounting”
You may want your homeschooler to take accounting as a course – it could be very important to their ultimate career choice. But can you support them like you can in other subjects? The answer is yes. Come and see for yourself how Color Accounting changes everything for you and your homeschoolers.
Jen and Emily-sm
Jen and Emily Kelly
My husband of 22 years and I have six awesome kids! I’ve homeschooled for 13 years. I love nature, especially hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and kayaking.I’m passionate about nutrition! I love fruits and veggies, juicing, and raw food cuisine. I love humanitarian work! We’ve had amazing experiences as a family traveling to different parts of the world and living in Guatamala. Giving my kids the opportunity to grow up in a developing country, learning Spanish, participating in humanitarian work, and thriving in a new culture has been the best thing our family has done!
BONUS CLASS at 7:30pm for Youth AND Adults
Emily will share her experiences with youth groups who’ve come to Guatamala, and how she’s grown in confidence and leadership by participating. Jen will share how they homeschool and incorporate humanitarian work. They will play a few leadership games. They w ill give info on upcoming leadership/humanitarian trips to Guatamala.

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