Is your math just making calculators out of your kids? If so, why are they memorizing math rules and procedures or even studying math at all if they have an actual calculator that can do everything their being taught? The hard truth is, we don’t need human calculators any more, we need self-reliant, powerful thinkers. Think about it, no one sat down with Isaac Newton and told him: “here are the 3 steps to do calculus.” He had to observe patterns. He struggled. He hypothesized. He experimented. He failed. And then, he discovered calculus. Your kids can do this too. They can become self-reliant thinkers through what I call the Discovery Method. Families across the world have are thriving in this new approach to math. For them, math has become an engaging and powerful part of their homeschooling. They’ve learned to unlock the potential that mathematics has to teach their children how to think and reason and become self-reliant problem solvers. So if you think to yourself:

I am worried that my kids are behind in math.

I’m not sure I know math, so how am I supposed to teach it?

I am sick of sending my kids off with workbooks.

I wish my kids didn’t dread doing math.

I wish I didn’t dread math time.

My kids are doing the work, but are they really learning math?

Then this presentation is for you. Come learn how you can do this in your home, no matter what curriculum you are using. It’s time to create the math program you really want.