Exhausted is probably the most common word on the lips of parents and educators. Raising and teaching kids pushes us to our outer limits. So what can be done? Is it really possible to show up as our best selves in the middle of a crazy, kid-filled day? To promote peace and wellbeing alongside creativity and high performance? The explosion in brain science over the past 10 years has revolutionary implications for how we educate and raise our children. But it starts with ourselves. One of the most sought-after skill sets of the next decade will be learning how to manage one of your most precious resources of all: your mind. Those who know how to harness this new science are getting more done, reducing their stress, and living happier lives with happier kids. If you’ve ever had the experience of feeling like your brain has been in a blender, or ended your day feeling totally spent, or simply that there’s just too much to do, come learn how neuroscience can help you redesign your life with your brain in mind.