So you’ve spent the last decade helping your child learn math. Hundreds of hours of flash cards and worksheets and $$$ on textbooks and now all that effort is about to be judged by the “supreme math court,” the ACT/SAT test. This judgment day can be a daunting and stressful time for your student and you too– hardest of all is that their time to complete their preparation now seems so limited, counting down the days and months before the test. How do you maximize the time that your student has to get the best result possible? Should they cram? Should they just take a million practice tests? Should they wait another year? These are difficult questions that millions of parents have struggled with before. There is an answer to these questions. In fact, the answer is surprisingly simple – and I’ve seen it help every age of student with every math background find success on the ACT/SAT. If you have teenage students, no matter how strong or weak their math talent, this presentation is for you. Come learn the one simple secret to maximize the results of your student on these high-stakes tests.