I Dare You To Breathe

Dec 13, 2016
  Room 312

What do you love? Which is your talent? Where is your passion? Too many great people in our day have conformed to the monotonous standards of normality and mediocrity. Such boundless potential is being lost and swept aside, because we haven’t learned to do one thing – Breathe. What if you were to want something as much as your desire to breathe? Would you work harder, practice longer, study harder, take a chance to achieve that lifelong goal, or maybe even talk to that girl you’ve had a crush on since 2nd grade? One thing is sure: our planet would never be the same again if each of us were to truly become relentlessly passionate about doing what we love. Life is not about surviving each day; it’s about living! Let Kody Duncan “rev your engines” as he inspires your soul to live, and DARES you to breathe.