The Crazy Life of a Modern Teenager

Jan 15, 2017
  Senate Room

I am sure you can agree that the life of a teenager is crazy and stressful…like very stressful. Between classes, friends, hobbies, and just the pressures of life we, as teens, often feel lost and confused. Sometimes we don’t even have time to eat or sleep anymore! I have asked myself this question many times… “What is the secret to finding peace and balance in the hectic life we live in?” Learn how I added a few simple ingredients to my routine and discover how it completely changed my life and the lives of thousands of teens just like you. This class is perfect for the teenager who feels like they are drowning, just trying to keep up, or wants to enjoy a fun and engaging experience at #WHConf 😉 You will come away with a new perspective, hope for the future, and the tools to get you there. Join me, as we dive into the crazy life of a modern teenager!