One of the greatest blessing we have given our children is the gift of travel. We have incorporated it into every part of our lives including their homeschooling.  We have found no better way to understand the wonderful diversity of the world than to travel with hands on experiences. This has opened up our children’s minds like nothing else could. It has given them the opportunity to share their views and feelings about what they see and learn. It has in many ways given them a deeper appreciation of what they have been blessed with.

One of the reasons families don’t experience this kind of world travel is often because the cost far exceeds the budget. We have discovered ways that blow away the budget excuse. We have traveled 3 weeks in Europe with 4 children in tow for around $2500.00 total (that is for all 6 of us). That includes air, accommodations, transportation, food, fun and more. Come learn our secrets in this fascinating journey and about the incredible experiences that have come from our adventures.