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Kami Rhoades Mitchell & Shelby Smith


Shelby Smith has a gift and passion for being present in the moment. This gift enhances her ability to powerfully listen, connect heart-to-heart with others, live joyfully and authentically, and imagine and create with synergy. She celebrates expression of the soul. Acting on stage and in film, and teaching acting to youth, are means by which she shares this transformative power. Shelby has an aptitude for seeing into the soul. As a mentor, she utilizes her vast knowledge of personal development, experiences with connecting, and skills in creative expression, to invite others to become the very best versions of themselves.

Kami Rhoades Mitchell is the third of 8 children. Growing up in her home facilitated her ability and confidence to shine in a way that allows and invites all around her to shine too! Kami has a love of learning- she studies from the best books, seeks to attend the best classes, and follows the path of the best mentors. This knowledge and experience, combined with her gift for teaching inspiring concepts and loving others with her whole being, are the elements that make her an effective facilitator for change.