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James Ure

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Adult Keynote – “Your family has a story. Here’s how to live it.”

 Your family culture is unique­­—you homeschool! You take on the world, life and family differently. This is an advantage. In this presentation, James Ure, President of Williamsburg Learning, will teach you how to leverage this advantage even more to strengthen your family culture and live the story your family is meant to live.

Adult Breakout Session – “Five Steps from a Transactional Family Culture to a Transformational Family Culture” 

James Ure is passionate about helping people, families, and organizations live transformationally. Together with his wife and 4 children, they have created an intentional and unique family culture. Together with his business partner, they have created a transformational company culture for their 75 employees. In this presentation James will share with you the top five steps he has discovered to help families and companies transition from transactional to transformational cultures.