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Jared & Selena Sorensen


Have you ever dreamed of being a cowboy? The life of a rancher is not always as romantic as the iconic cowboy that is portrayed in movies, pictures, books and magazines. Although the work can be hard, it is also very rewarding. Jared is a 3rd generation rancher along with his wife Selena on their ranch in Nevada. There, they are raising their eight, soon to be nine children. He grew up working with cattle and sheep and knew at an early age that he wanted to return to the family ranch. He is honored and feels greatly blessed to have the opportunity to be a steward of God’s creations and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Jared has continually sought out mentors and is committed to life-long learning. He has recently devoted time and effort to deepening his understanding of the critical role the soil plays in personal health and the stability of nations.
Selena’s health challenges have caused her to look for answers about healing the digestive system and creating and living a whole foods lifestyle. She loves sharing what she has learned and is committed to changing the way Americans see their foods. Bringing nutritious foods to your table and healing individuals and families has become her passion.