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Kody Duncan


Kody Duncan, Mentor and Trainer at 3 Key Elements, is a self-motivated entrepreneur. He became a mentor and trainer for 3 Key Elements at the age of 16 and a member of the National Speakers Association by the time he was 18. He has given over 100 presentations and is fluent in Spanish. He has mentored over 85 people with his detailed understanding of what it takes to reach a goal, how the brain works, and how to overcome self-doubt. He is an effective, successful mentor and trainer. Kody is a down to earth mentor and trainer. The techniques he shares work and will empower you to move your life forward. Kody offers training presentations and personal mentoring to individuals, musicians, presenters, event organizers, and business owners. He teaches how to use the psychology of music to motivate and inspire families, students, clients, and those in their world of influence. Kody is passionate about teaching others to empower their minds with music.