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Author of They’re YOUR Kids, Sam Sorbo, takes you on a journey of survival – in your own home. How can you thrive as an educator when the system insists you’ll fail? First we’ll explore the inherent problem in government-run education, issues you may never have heard of, then we’ll address the solutions! Have fun learning about how to avoid the disastrous “home-made” pitfalls and traps, and getting the best out of the great gift of parent/teacher-ing your offspring, as Sam offers up her personal recipes to help you embark on the greatest love story ever written: that between parent and child. Improving Education One Family at a Time.

Tammy Ward


Tammy Anderson Ward is a committed mother of 8 who has been homeschooling for the past 10 years. Instead of just telling her kids to go after their dreams, she is showing them by going after her own dreams. It is possible to have a homeschool family and be a dream chaser, a dream liver and a dream believer.

Josh Shipp


Josh Shipp was a foster kid, class clown, a rebel without a clue, a trouble maker. He was written off, kicked out, and every adult’s worst nightmare. Until one caring adult changed everything. Learn from his wealth of experience of working teens, parents, and educators from every walk of life. This program is part inspirational, “keep at it”, and part practical, “here’s exactly what to do.”

Clint Pulver


Oscar Wilde said “To live is the rarest thing in the world, for most people merely exist and that’s all”. In this Keynote presentation Clint Pulver, one of the top youth motivational speakers in the country will explain the keys to really “LIVING” a life by design and not by default. His humor, unforgettable stories and practical tools will help you to walk away inspired, on path and on purpose.

Adam Hailstone


Super heroes all have one thing in common, they get it done! Whatever the challenge, they find a way to overcome it. They’re unstoppable. 

That’s nice and fun in the fictional world, but is it possible in the real world? Yes! By tapping the power of what is called “flow” you can become incredibly productive, creative and dynamic. Come learn how to harness the power of flow and become the “superhero” you were meant to be.

James Ure


The world today operates nothing like it did when our educational system was created. Today’s jobs, the ones you want your children to have, don’t look anything like the factory or assembly line. Work is now flexible and done from almost anywhere. Innovation, not conformity, is valued and rewarded. The job market is starving for people who know how to think, create and disrupt. 

Because you homeschool, your children will avoid the factory training and assembly line mentality perpetuated by most schools today. But avoiding this isn’t enough. Come learn about the top five things you can do to position your students to lead in the 21st century.


Dale & Michelle Bartlett

Dale & Michelle Bartlett are the authors of two internationally known travel books and multiple social media sites and blog with information designed to help people travel more for much less than most could…


Nicholeen Peck

When it comes to parenting, Nicholeen Peck is a worldwide phenomenon and leader — and for good reason! Her proven system based on Four Simple Skills transforms even the most out-of-control teenagers and homes…


Rachel DeMille

Rachel DeMille is a homeschooling mom of 8+ kids, with lots of successes under her belt! Her household is a grab-bag of giftedness, disabilities and divergent learning styles. Her mentorship of literally thousands of…

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Adam Hailstone

Youth Keynote - "Proving to Yourself and the World, You've Got This" Description: Do you sometimes feel the world holds you back because of your age? Too often, parents, teachers, even friends discount what…


Ali Eisenach

Ali Eisenach is a homeschooling, mother of four kids and lives in Cedar City Utah. Ali is a recipe book author and creator at Lemon Poppy Inc. com and recently wrote a book about…


Ann Washburn

Ann Washburn is a dynamic and inspiring speaker and mentor who has given over 1,900 presentations throughout the country. She changes lives through her inspiring story of going from depressed mom with a fancy degree…


AnnMarie Norton

A passionate mother of 7 and long time homeschooler, AnnMarie uses her organizational gift to successfully balance home, life and school. Known as the “systems girl,” AnnMarie is the master at eliminating waste, creating…

AKB Profile Pic Fall 2016

Austin Brady

Austin Brady is a wanna be Skier, History Buff, nimble Ballroom Dancer, Airsoft Team Captain, Star Wars junkie, recovering Pride & Prejudice fanatic, aspiring Photographer, and will wrestle anyone for a bowl of Mac…

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Ben Brown

Adult Breakout Session - "The Maturity System" Description: Parenting often feels, to borrow a phrase from J.K. Rowling, like “a subtle science and exact art.” Add homeschooling to the mix and things can get…


Brianne Ewell

Brianne Ewell is an entertaining speaker and owner of Cor Collective, an educational company that empowers individuals to embrace the past, thrive in the present, and succeed in the future. Using humor and relatable stories,…


Britton LaTulippe

No one understands education like Britton LaTulippe. This homeschooling father of five is the author of Reveal-ing School and more than 70 children’s books, creator of several early-learning curriculum sets, and the owner of…


Chris & Melanie Ballard

Christopher and Melanie Ballard have seven children ranging from seventeen to four years old.  They have homeschooled their children from the day their oldest was born. In 2005, Melanie founded the Moms’ Retreat, and in…


Christopher Jones

Christopher Jones (alias Mr. C) has for several years taught classes on history, civics, speech and logic both on- and off-line as part of the growing private/homeschool movement. He is currently on the faculty…


Cyndi Hampton

Homeschooling mom of 7, Cyndi started homeschooling 25 years ago, when it wasn't quite so fashionable.  She has successfully launched 6 of her 7 children to the world of university studies.  They have earned…


Dan Christman

Dan grew up in the country where self-reliance and preparedness were a way of life. From backpacking, hunting, and wildcraft to gardening, food preservation, and animal husbandry he learned many skills.  Dan was homeschooled including during…


Daniela Larsen

Daniela Larsen is a mother, traveler, and humanitarian.  She homeschools/worlschools her own children, is the director of Small Candles, a non profit that specializes in educational and economic development projects and the founder of Navanas Institute.  Navanas Institute  is postsecondary school…


Dannika Valenzuela

Dannika Valenzuela is the mother of 7 charming yet precocious little ones ranging in age from 12 to 9 months. She is passionate about what she calls the 3 Fs: Faith, Family & Freedom.…


Devon Kelly

My name is Devon Kelly. I am an 18 year old living internationally. I have a passion and love for life and people. I’m always learning, seeking to help people, and looking to make…


Diamond Jim Davis & Brian Westover

Diamond Jim Davis has been at the This Is The Place Heritage Park for 8 years and is the supervisor over the business sites, including the Saddlery, Bank, and Barbershop. Brian Westover and has been…


Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson Dr. Nelson is one of the world's foremost experts in the emerging fields of bio-energetic medicine and energy psychology. Have you ever thought about how much your emotions influence your health?…


Elona Rohde

Elona Rohde, owner of Ask The ADHD Kid, is a mentor, presenter, educator, wife, and mom to 4 boys - 3 with special needs. Between her and her boys they have ADHD, chocoholism, anxiety,…


Emily Dyke

Emily is co-founder of Math Inspirations and author of Hands On Math and 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Math. Emily’s pursuit of professional teaching began at Brigham Young University, being mentored by…


Heidi Peterson

Heidi Peterson ,CPS, is a Certified Prevention Specialist through the Association of Utah Substance Abuse and founder of “Synergy Wellness” where she practices emotional release therapy, life coaching, and Reiki. Heidi has taught numerous…


Heidi Totten

Heidi Totten is the owner of Heidi Totten Consulting and a serial entrepreneur, but her main role is homeschooling her two children, ages 10 and 13.  She first felt the pull to homeschool when…


James Garrett

James is the Founder and CEO of Brain by Design, a coaching, consulting, and education company bringing brain-based solutions to people’s lives. For over a decade, he has been studying and teaching the psychology of success,…


James Malmstrom

James Malmstrom’s passion for education was kindled on his mother’s lap as she taught him the letters of the alphabet. That passion burned through university and graduate studies, but has really flared up after…

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James Ure

Adult Keynote - "Your family has a story. Here's how to live it." Description:  Your family culture is unique­­—you homeschool! You take on the world, life and family differently. This is an advantage. In…


Jared & Selena Sorensen

Have you ever dreamed of being a cowboy? The life of a rancher is not always as romantic as the iconic cowboy that is portrayed in movies, pictures, books and magazines. Although the work…


Jared C. Bennett

Jared C. Bennett was born in Salt Lake City, and, eventually, earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Master of Public Administration, and Juris Doctorate degrees from the University of Utah.  For the…


Joe Dyke

Joe is co-founder of Math Inspirations and co-author of Hands On Math and 10 Things Every Parent Should Know About Math. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Middle East Studies…


Kami Rhoades Mitchell & Shelby Smith

Shelby Smith has a gift and passion for being present in the moment. This gift enhances her ability to powerfully listen, connect heart-to-heart with others, live joyfully and authentically, and imagine and create with…


Karyn Grant

Creator of “The Healer’s Touch Method”, assists those who are searching for a way to “Gracefully Transition” through various stages of sadness, sorrow and grief, back into the higher vibrations of love, joy and peace. For…


Kathy Mellor

As the mother of six and the mentor to hundreds of youth, Kathy has been homeschooling since before it was cool. Like you, she has felt the tremendous highs and lows as her children…


Kevin Varble

Kevin Varble is a Mentor, Trainer and the Personal Assistant to the President of 3 Key Elements. He has been married to his wife, Charlotte, for over 10 years and is the proud father of 3 young…


Kimberly Fletcher & Tammy Hulse

Kimberly Fletcher:   President, HomeMakers for America:   Kimberly is the founder and president of Home Makers for America. She is an Air Force wife and mother and homeschooler of eight children. Kimberly comes from…


Kirk A Duncan

Kirk Duncan is a world class trainer, mentor, key note speaker, and premier body language master. He teaches advanced life skills for your mindset and skillset - offering instruction in presentation skills, mentoring techniques,…


Kody Duncan

Kody Duncan, Mentor and Trainer at 3 Key Elements, is a self-motivated entrepreneur. He became a mentor and trainer for 3 Key Elements at the age of 16 and a member of the National…


LaurieKae Banks

LaurieKae Banks has 8 children (+one son in law and one soon to be daughter in law). Five of her children are in college (soon to be 6). LaurieKae started homeschooling her children in…


Leta Green

As a trucker’s daughter, Leta, a.k.a. Mrs. HOTNESS™, has learned the ins and outs of the beauty industry from the outside in!  She has learned them so well, she has published a best-selling book: “How…

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Lucas Reynolds

Adult Breakout Session - "Communication Rhythms that Strengthen Your Unique Family Culture" Description: George Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place.” Have you ever been…


Lynne Hanson

B.A. in Elementary Education, California Teaching Credential Reading Specialist Certificate State of California Classroom Teacher, Resource Teacher, Reading Specialist, Intervention Specialist Director of Project CLINIC (Federally funded Cross-Age Tutoring Program) E.S.E.A. Title 3 service…


Marika Connole

Marika Connole was born in Germany to American and Swedish parents.  During the 20+ years Marika has been homeschooling, she has crafted dozens of educational products, composed hundreds of pieces of music, published books…


Mark Fincher

Mark Fincher is the Owner and Chief Mentor at Living Tree Connections. A native of California, he has lived in Orem, Utah for the past 24 years. He adores his gorgeous wife Jolene and…


Melissa Wolfe

Melissa R. Wolfe is a leader in her Idaho homeschool community. She enjoys supporting and enriching the journey of other people by offering workshops and presentations since the year 2000. She earned her Masters…


Michael & Katie Hansen

Michael and Katie Hansen are the parents of six unique children and have lead them in a customized education since day one. Together they have discovered their love of Ancient Hebrew poetry and are…


Molly Christensen

Molly Christensen is the founder of www.mentoryourkids.com. A long time ago, she graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, she has found great passion in being a mother and…


Nicholeen Peck

When it comes to parenting, Nicholeen Peck is a worldwide phenomenon and leader — and for good reason! Her proven system based on Four Simple Skills transforms even the most out-of-control teenagers and homes…


Pamela Romney Openshaw

Pamela Romney Openshaw is the author of the widely acclaimed 3 volume Promises of the Constitution Complete Homeschool Curriculum on the US Constitution and correlating DVDs to teach your children love of liberty. Constitution…


Robert Ferrell

Due to a severe speech impediment and learning disability, Robert barely graduated from High School.  Embracing failure as an opportunity, he was mentored to success.  He has a Bachelors in Psychology and a Doctorate…


Rosie Christman

Rosie Christman has been a favorite presenter at many conferences and seminars. She is the owner of Healing Soul-unions LLC and a certified Emotion Code practitioner. She loves to mentor youth and adults, help…


Ryker Smith

Mentoring and speaking have been my dream. The impact of others experiences and their willingness to share it changes lives. My life has been changed over and over by my own personal mentors and…


Shauna Kaiserman

Shauna has been homeschooling her 7 children for 23 years in Salt Lake City.  Her talents include truth seeking, making new best friends regularly, repairing broken things, and fermenting ideas and vegetables.  She is…


Vincent Newmeyer

Vincent Newmeyer was a curious child from the start, and has been a science buff his entire life. He attended BYU to study Engineering, but even when he was younger he often dabbled with…


Malinda Nicholes

What homeschooling programs will be recommended at the event? I am looking into “Monarch” By Alpha & Omega…. & want to make a decision during this holiday break… HELP! Thank you!


There are several that are being represented including, Teaching Self Government and Thomas Jefferson Education. We encourage you to look through the list of presenters to see which classes will benefit you and your family! Thanks for the question, I hope this helps!

Cherstie Woolf

What time do things start? We live in Southern Utah and would like to make some final plans!

Cherstie Woolf

Thanks so much we are excited!

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