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Nicholeen Peck

When it comes to parenting, Nicholeen Peck is a worldwide phenomenon and leader — and for good reason! Her proven system based on Four Simple Skills transforms even the most out-of-control teenagers and homes…

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James Ure

Adult Keynote - "Your family has a story. Here's how to live it." Description:  Your family culture is unique­­—you homeschool! You take on the world, life and family differently. This is an advantage. In…

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Adam Hailstone

Youth Keynote - "Proving to Yourself and the World, You've Got This" Description: Do you sometimes feel the world holds you back because of your age? Too often, parents, teachers, even friends discount what…

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Ben Brown

Adult Breakout Session - "The Maturity System" Description: Parenting often feels, to borrow a phrase from J.K. Rowling, like “a subtle science and exact art.” Add homeschooling to the mix and things can get…

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Lucas Reynolds

Adult Breakout Session - "Communication Rhythms that Strengthen Your Unique Family Culture" Description: George Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it has taken place.” Have you ever been…


Kirk A Duncan

Kirk Duncan is a world class trainer, mentor, key note speaker, and premier body language master. He teaches advanced life skills for your mindset and skillset - offering instruction in presentation skills, mentoring techniques,…

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