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WHC 2018 Youth Schedule3

January 27th, 2018
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
(with a bonus event for families that evening)

Davis Conference Center
1651 N. 700 W.
Layton, UT 84041


And look who’s coming to perform at the beginning of each general session…


Youth Keynotes

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Adam_Hailstone sm
Adam Hailstone, Leadership Academy of Utah

Adam received his BA from a small Liberal Arts school. He has spoken to 1000’s of people across North America inspiring people to improve their lives and obtain a liberal arts education. It is his life’s mission to help pull people out of life’s ruts and to motivate them to live a meaningful life. Adam spent much of his 20’s as a small business owner. Later he sold his business to help build Williamsburg Learning, which operates three schools, including Leadership Academy of Utah. Currently, he is serving as a Mentor, Director of Leadership and Chief Marketing Officer

Youth Keynote – “Proving to Yourself and the World, You’ve Got This”

Do you sometimes feel the world holds you back because of your age? Too often parents, teachers, even friends discount what you can do because you’re a teenager. Well, it’s time to prove them wrong! Adam Hailstone, Director of Leadership at Williamsburg Learning, is here to show you how!

Youth Breakout Sessions

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Kamron Duncan Head Shot_sm
Kamron Duncan, 3 Key Elements Mentor

Kamron is an adventure seeker. He has been skydiving, completed 2 Spartan races — he’s even licked a glacier. Kamron is an Eagle Scout and served a 2-year LDS mission in Alaska. He loves snowboarding, 3D modeling, welding, and drone cinematography. He is a huge fan of the power in music. He married the love of his life, Katy, in January 2016. As an inspiring 3 Key Elements mentor, Kamron guides and coaches people to recognize the simple steps they can take to ultimately obtain their goals.

Youth Breakout Session – “Gladiator 101”
Win the battle in your mind. Learn to identify and free yourself from anything that’s holding you back from obtaining your ambitions. Discover your champion potential and prepare to suit up – in actual armor! Kamron Duncan will train you to build a mind of steel, stand as a warrior against negative thoughts, and move forward to achieve your dreams.
Tammy Anderson Ward, Hope Haven Events

Supporting homeschooling communities is one of Tammy’s favorite passions + home educating her awesome family. She is the founder of the Winter Homeschool Conference and is grateful it’s become one of the yummiest attractions for homeschoolers from all walks of life in Utah and states around. Homeschooler for 10 years, 8 kids, 1 beautiful granddaughter, loves to learn, connect to community, offer support #grammytammy #WHConf

Youth Breakout Session – “Make Your Dreams Come True”
Do you want to be the one that is in the driver’s seat for your own life? Ready to roll up your sleeves & check some items off YOUR bucket list? Learn what your Winter Homeschool Conference Organizer Tammy did to to from feeling depressed and on rock bottom to living the life she’s always wanted. CAUTION: This class could cause you to take any rebellion and unruly ways and use them to make your dreams come true. Be on time. We will get right to work!
Braxee Ward Headshot_sm
Braxee Ward

Braxee loves sharing her talents with others! She loves ballroom dancing – even though her muscles ache all the time. She mixed two of her favorite things, (art and helping others) to create a coloring book to raise money for a humanitarian trip to Guatemala! Braxee has traveled across the states on a road trip with her family. She loves making new friends and taking risks! By living with the phrase – ‘Don’t let your fear stop you’ – she has sung on stage with Alex Boye, gone on a scary roller-coaster, and can you believe it…she has even driven a vehicle!!

Youth Breakout Session – “Feel the Fear and Conquer It”
Have you ever been afraid of something or someone?
The answer is probably yes, because we are all humans, and humans feel fear. This class is here to teach you ways to conquer your fear and become the real you again. Be willing to change and make a difference in your life. Come get your dreams planned out and your fears conquered.
Greg Denning_sm
Greg Denning, Speaker/Trainer/Mentor

Greg Denning inspires, motivates and empowers parents and youth to unlock their untapped potential, become their best and live the life they were born to live. He has been teaching, speaking and mentoring for 20 years, and across 5 continents. Growing up in a broken home and out on his own at 16, he voraciously sought the proven principles and practices for true happiness, success and significance. He found them! Now his mission is to strengthen families all across the globe. With their 7 children, Greg and Rachel have traveled around the world for the last 10 years, homeschooling and ‘world schooling’ their kids. With his amazing stories, insights, and enthusiasm, Greg will share the tools and techniques you need to SUPERCHARGE your family and your home school.

Youth Breakout Session – “How to Live Your EPIC Life Story”
You have the genius, power, and pure awesome-sauce to live your own unique and EPIC life story — a great education, wonderful relationships, and a powerful life purpose. There will be challenges, obstacles and setbacks, but with these simple secrets you can transform them into adventure, success and triumph. Come find out what is keeping most youth from reaching their potential and discover the secret ingredients to living a truly phenomenal life.
Gareth Millsap_sm
Gareth Millsap

Gareth is the type of person that everyone hopes they’ll run into on a bad day. He is charismatic, energetic, and can always find a way to bring a smile to someone’s face. He is a physically active person, from coaching parkour classes to singing on stage. Gareth is a Junior in high school, and he attends Leadership Academy of Utah. He wishes to pursue a life of inspiring others, and intends to make good on the struggle he’s endured by helping others to rise out of the darkness that surrounds them and become their own greatest heroes.

Youth Breakout Session – “How to Uncage the Hero Inside of Us”
We, as a human race, flock to stories of heroes more than any other tale. Why? Because we’re desperately looking for heroes to inspire us. To give us hope that tomorrow will be a better day. However, inside of each of us, there is a dormant hero just begging to be let out. A hero that can not only inspire and rescue those around us, but a hero that can save us from the daily “super-villains” that we constantly face. We are all that kind of hero. We just need to unlock the cage and become what we are meant to be.
Jaxon Floyd_sm
Jaxon Floyd, V.P. Layton Youth Court

Jaxon is passionate about theater, mock trial, and guitar. Jaxon is all about connecting with people and building relationships. He has learned that he doesn’t have to wait until he is older to live a purposeful life and has chosen to live deliberately right now. His purpose is to ignite the fire in others to identify and pursue their passions. Jaxon serves as the Vice President for The Layton Youth Court. He has earned awards in the areas of Dance, Debate, Model United Nations, and is a two-time Mock Trial State Champion. Jaxon is 17, comes from a family of 9 and is an uncle to 11 nieces and nephews.

Youth Breakout Session – “Annihilate the Teenage Stereotypes”
“Teenagers are lazy, hooked on social media, and too young to understand anything about life.” Are you serious?! Find out how stereotypes are killing your progression and how you can annihilate them to become the teenage anomaly. Put your purpose into action and live a meaningful life right now!
joe and emily dyke
Joe & Emily Dyke, Math Inspirations

Joe and Emily are the co-founders of Math Inspirations in order to mentor and empower homeschool parents to mentor their students using the Discovery Method to build them into confident, self-reliant, powerful thinkers.

Youth Breakout Session – “Unlocking Your Potential to Become a Great Thinker”
Have you ever wanted to become a brilliant thinker like Sherlock Holmes? Do you want to not just “be smart,” but actually feel 100%, like absolutely confident in your ability to take on new challenges and problems? Our brains are like our muscles, strength comes from consistent, focused effort that pushes you to your limits. When your brain is exercised properly, you should literally feel brain exhaustion. Brain exercise strengthens your neuroplasticity and increases neural connections in your brain. Most educations don’t include any dedicated brain training. Come learn the one, simple secret to unlocking your brain’s fullest power and becoming a confident, powerful thinker.
Sydney Sampson2
Sydney Sampson, Musician and Mentor
Sydney is a senior in high school, from Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves all things music and spends much of her time developing her musical abilities. Sydney has studied vocal arts for 6 years, and she plays the piano, guitar, and ukulele. She loves teaching, and will be attending LDS Business College to study executive medical assisting as a prerequisite to occupational therapy. Sydney loves to serve others and has mentored youth who struggle with anxiety, depression, and other trials. She draws one her own experiences to benefit others, and strives to help her mentees know of their self worth.
Youth Breakout Session – “I’m a fighter, but I do not fight alone”
Teenagers face a huge variety of trials as they figure out who they are, but the common thread between all of us is that we almost all feel weak and alone. But you are not weak. You are strong, and there are others who know what you are going through. You are special, you are wanted, and you are not alone!
Chrystal Zidon
Chrystal Zidon, Mother & Business Owner
Chrystal is as real, transparent, and down to earth as they come! Drawing from her experiences as a mother of a blended family, an owner of a business, and a leader of over 200 women, Chrystal brings a wealth of wisdom with her wherever she goes. She generously shares with her audiences simple and practical principles that lead to life change. As a communicator, Chrystal has a great ability to mix personal anecdotes, humor, authenticity, and humility in order to engage her audience and help them connect with the content. She loves coffee with friends, Gilmore Girls, and watching Gilmore Girls while drinking coffee with friends.
Youth Breakout Session – “Where has all the good time gone?”
Do you ever look up at the end of your day and wonder where it went? Do you struggle with procrastination and juggling all that you have to do in your very full life? Do you ever wonder why some people achieve results and others do not? Let’s come together and talk about the secret to time management, the answer just might surprise you.
Ryann and Shiloh Winn
Ryan and Shiloh Winn, Dance Teachers
Ryan and Shiloh love people and they love teaching people to dance! They specialize in planning dances with fun, uplifting music. In fact, they directed the first three Winter Homeschool Conference Balls and had a great time doing it!  Shiloh’s dance experience comes from twirling around the living room as a child, high school cheerleading, planning college dances, and from attending many social dance classes as an adult.  Ryan has always loved music and dancing.  He played guitar in a garage band in High School and he especially loved dancing to ska music.  He learned to dance a little more formally after they were married and now he enjoys that too.  They love spending time homeschooling their seven amazing children in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah.
Youth Breakout Session – “Daytime Dance Party”
Everyone will enjoy this high energy, instructive group dance class!  Get ready to learn some fun line dances and circle dances.  No partner required. Grab your friends and come join the dance party!
Heidi Bodrero
Heidi Bodero, Authentic Touch Practitioner
I am the mother of 7 amazing people and am married to my Knight in shining armor! I have studied the body and it’s amazingness for years and have gained a great love and appreciation for the body. I am certified as an Authentic Touch Practitioner and I’m working towards becoming a Master Herbologist and Advanced Nutrition Specialist. My goal is to inspire others to rise to a higher vibrational life and support our bodies in that life through good stewardship. Overcoming my own auto-immune challenges, I have felt the joy of learning to love my body and supporting it.
Youth Breakout Session – “BFF: You and Your Body”
Your body is the most awesome friend you have. It is always there for you, gives you what you need, and talks to you all the time. What kind of friend are you in return? Learn the value of deepening your relationship with your body, and the tools you can use to do so.
Stacey Lytle
Stacey Lytle, Award Winning Author
Stacey is a passionate speaker, educator, and award-winning author! To her great delight, she has devoted well over 20 years to these endeavors with much of that time being spent homeschooling her own seven children, empowering women and youth, working on teacher development projects and parent education. She loves coordinating events of all sizes and is responsible for the formation of several learning cooperatives in Idaho. Stacey is the award-winning author of a life-changing Christmas Tale, titled The Glitter Keeper, and author of an educator’s book entitled FUNology. Her latest book was released in May of 2017 and is titled, Insanely-Inspiring Writing Prompts for Littles, Middles, & Biggles.Stacey’s greatest joy is being the Mom to a handful-and-a-half of children. She spends her days right alongside them learning and experiencing all this life has to offer. Milkshake dates with her very own Knight-in-Shining-Armor are a weekly treat, and a lifesaver in this crazy and amazing life! If she had one wish come true, she would cover the whole world with glitter in the hope of spreading light and joy for all.
Youth Breakout Session – “Living an EXTRAOrdinary Life!”
Living an extraordinary life is not reserved for the rich and famous…it is meant for YOU! Yes, YOU were created to be amazing!! Truly!! If your mind immediately screeches out the thought, “as if that’s ever going to happen to someone like me!” If this all sounds too good to be true, if you read these words and think “this class isn’t for me, I’m nothing special!” If you long for more, if you know there are “things” you are meant to do, if you feel stuck, if it feels improbable, even impossible, that a life filled with amazingness could be yours … Come spend an hour with Stacey to find out a few simple steps to turn your ordinary world into something truly extraordinary! All it takes is a little “extra” here and there … Come grab a few ideas to get you on the path of expanding your world and inspiring not only yourself, but those around you! Extraordinary living is contagious … let’s live it and pass it on!
Kim Davis 2
Kim Davis, Addiction Prevention Mentor
Kim is a dynamic presenter who will enlighten and inspire you to claim your power! As a professional mentor and storyteller, Kim teaches others to apply the powerful Eternal Warriors principles to fight and win battles ranging from addiction prevention/recovery to everyday life challenges. Because she and her husband, Jay, homeschool their eight children, Kim understands everyday challenges! Kim pioneered the use of Eternal Warriors to teach families and has been mentoring others to “clear the smoke” and “stay at a Zero” for four years. Kim is excited to inspire you to step into the light and claim your power!

Youth Breakout Session – “Why Smart People Do Dumb Things” Or “What Was I Thinking?”
Are you or someone you love fighting: addictions, fear, anger, stress, or other overwhelming everyday challenges? Learn what is going on in your brain and how to claim your power! Fight the REAL battle and WIN!

Boyd Tuttle, President of Digital Legend Press & Publishing
Boyd and his wife are parents to nine children and they have experienced everything from home, private, public and charter schools. He got his BS in Engineering at BYU 1986, in 91 MS in Mgmt of Technology at Lehigh Univ. Boyd has 25 years with Xerox Corp in NY and 5 years in Japan. He is a Publisher of over 200 books both LDS and National titles. He Currently is the President of Digital Legend Press & Publishing, an “Education Liaison” for the Universal Model since 2015 and is fluent in Spanish and Japanese.

Youth (and Adult) Breakout Session – “Introduction to The Universal Model (UM) – A New Millennial Science”
Everyone must attend this class at least once. It is the introduction to the iconoclastic new science model that is revolutionizing the world of science. The UM was developed over 3 decades by a team of open-minded scientists whose motto was: “Follow the evidence, no preconceived narratives, theories or dogmas allowed.”

1paul vasey photo
Paul Vasey, Former Teacher of Business
Paul Vasey is a former teacher of Business Studies who left the UK and now living in California. After teaching and talking about Business, he left the confines of the classroom to walk the walk. He wanted to put what he had learned from teaching students into practice to make a difference. He noticed that there was a huge disconnect between money and math. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his wife, walk, body board, swim, golf, drink coffee by the beach and come up with various concepts that could be turned into reality.

Youth Breakout Session – “Learn the Value of Money”
Address one of the most underrated life skills there is – Money. Learn the value of money, cash flow, budgeting and other money management skills through an online game and a simple activity.

Keshawn Rasband
Grace Edwards
Keshawn Rasband & Grace Edwards, Youth Mentors
Keshawn (17) and Grace (18) are both on FIRE about helping youth find their individual missions and Big Dreams, and helping them realize that they can live it, right now. Keshawn is currently living his Big Dream by working with Lionheart. He LOVES speaking on stage and working one-on-one with fellow teenagers about their purpose and helping them see and accomplish anything they set their mind to. Grace has been speaking on stages about Big Dreams (among other topics) to hundreds of youth and adults for the last two years. Her Big Dreams is to one day (soon!) start a philanthropist-funded rehab center for teens who struggle with suicide, sexual abuse, and eating disorders.

Youth Breakout Session – “Living Your Dream- Right Now!”
Did you know you were born for greatness? Do you sense that you were born to do crazy, audacious things, but have no idea how to get there? Have you ever felt so stuck in achieving your dreams? Join us as we embark on a journey to help you find your big dream and achieve your greatness.

Madelynn Best
Grace Edwards
Madelynn Best & Grace Edwards, Youth Mentors
Grace (18) has been apart of Lionheart for almost two years now and has been one of the main leaders and mentors for over a year now. She is beyond passionate about saving the lives of youth by reminding others of their worth and amazing potential. She is currently working as a Medical Assistant while preparing to serve a full time mission. Madelynn (18) started attending Utah Valley University when she was 16 years old. She has taught at drug and alcohol rehab centers and to youth groups. She has chronic pain throughout every single one of her joints. There is not a moment she is pain free. She has learned to cherish this trial in her life. Madelynn has a strong passion for sharing the things she has learned that has transformed and glorified her life. She loves everyone instantly and feels the beauty of their souls. Madelynn just recently discovered Lionheart and instantly fell in love with the vision and potential it contains. Together, they work to help youth find and fulfill their purpose.

Youth Breakout Session – “Unleashing the Hero Generation: We All Bleed the Same Description:”
There is a difference between survival, and living. Choose to live and fully embrace the power of being the hero you are and most importantly, rising together to become the greatest generation that has every walked the earth.

View More: http://laurenpollardphotography.pass.us/rasmussun-family-2016
Amy Rasmussen, Mentor to Teen Girls
Amy has been the Director of a non-profit scholarship organization for teen girls for over a decade. She is a wife, mother of 3 wonderful boys and 1 precious adopted daughter. She is a professional makeup artist, speaker, glue gun expert and is affectionately nick-named, “Amy Poppins.”

Youth Breakout Session – Learning to Bend the Rules of Social Media
Don’t get caught in the net.

Kaysen Sorensen
Kaysen Sorensen, Youth Mentor
Kaysen is an energetic 17 year old. He is living out his passions and dreams! He rides bucking horses in rodeos, plays basketball, trains horses, and now is writing and speaking to influence others. He loves doing new adventurous things; like going to Guatemala for a week last summer to learn leadership and serve Guatemalan families!!! Kaysen is the second oldest of 9 and loves the leadership education he is gaining from his family, mentors and life experiences. Throughout his life and especially this last summer as he went out on his own, including living in Texas for 2 months training horses, he has found the strength within him to withstand the winds of life, face challenges, overcome obstacles and take advantage of opportunities! Kaysen knows the challenges teens face and the struggles they go through. His mission in life is to help youth to be victorious over those obstacles.

Youth Breakout Session – The Strength Within Me
Have you ever felt lost, weak or victimized? You have potential and strength inside of you! your enemy would have you believe that you don’t. Learn about how Kaysen has found the strength within himself and the secrets to unlocking the strength in you!! This class will help you learn to be the powerful person you want to be and realize that you actually are strong!

grace garn
Grace Garn, Public Speaker and Event Coordinator
Grace is a 17-year-old senior home-schooler who is passionate about inspiring change through global communication. She feels that using technology in the most positive and refined ways possible is key to creating a happy and successful community. Grace has led online marketing campaigns for five years including business promotions and website creation. Grace loves to participate in public speech and debate and has been producing events and conferences for youth and young adults for nearly a decade. To stay connected with Grace add her on Facebook or Instagram @myfriendgracie

Youth Breakout Session – “Making Technology Your Family’s Ally, Instead of an Enemy”
If you feel like smashing your teen’s phone, this class is for you! We are using technology to build stronger youth. Walk away feeling optimistic about the benefits of the digital age. This is more than just internet safety, this is building a better future for youth, with youth.

Scott Morris_sm
Scott Morris, Knox Academy
Scott thinks our capacity to learn is what makes us human. If that’s the case, then studying how we all learn gives us a view into human nature. He has spent the last decade of his life dedicated to searching for universal truths in teaching and learning. Scott is the director of Knox Academy in Kaysville.

Youth Breakout Session – “Don’t Let Schooling Get in the Way, Start Your Education Now”

Marshyl Cloward
Marshyl Cloward
Hi everyone! It’s me, Marshyl (yep, with a “y”). I’m that “young-looking old guy” who miraculously is still married to his high-school sweetheart for the past 22 years. I h ave 6 fantastic kids who surprisingly turned out alright despite having no choice who they got to choose as their Dadio. Until recently, me and my family lived in Utah for 13 years after traveling the country for 8 during my stint in the Air Force (loved it!). I blame my military years on my Gypsy feet which most recently led me and my family to sell everything and move out of state to the East Coast where, with any luck, I’ll have figured out what I want to do when I grow up and ultimately – where to live again. I love all things personal development, sports (particularly basketball), amusement parks, exercising, speaking, reading, puppies, beaches, music…(insert just about everything else here). I guess you could say I soak up life like a sponge and I’ve learned a thing or two. I am passionate about helping others get unstuck in life through teaching power principles that change the way we think, fell, care for themselves, connect with others and begin loving life as they watch life love them back! “It’s NEVER too late to become what you might have been” (thanks George Eliot) and I couldn’t agree more. Let’s do this!
Youth Breakout Session – “A HEART OF BOLD”
The Be Brave project. Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s the feeling the fear, and doing it anyway. Fear crushes confidence – the building block to a life without limits! Learn how practicing little acts of bravery each day can shatter the shackles of self-doubt, limiting thoughts and beliefs and ignite an inferno of confidence within you!
Jenny Ballif, “Science Mom”

Jenny is “Science Mom”, a YouTuber and author of several activity guides. She has a master’s degree in Plant Science and has worked as a molecular biologist and a wildland firefighter, and at several other jobs that fall in between wearing a lab coat and wielding a chainsaw. During the past five years, she has donated more than 400 unpaid hours teaching science in public schools across Nevada.

Youth Breakout Session – “Science Workshop”
Make the learning experiential!
We all learn in a much deeper way when we experience something versus observing it second-hand. In this workshop, we’ll transform three brief science lessons from non-engaging trivia dumps into dynamic experiences that are memorable and impactful. Along the way, you’ll learn the key questions and strategies I use when planning my lessons, and how you can apply them to your own curriculum. Limited to 20 participants.
Glenn J Kimber
Glenn Kimber, “The Healing of America”
Glenn was born and raised in northern Utah. In 1965 he married Julianne Skousen and shortly thereafter he joined the Air Force where he served for 4 years, including one tour of duty to Vietnam.
Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from Brigham Young University. He then joined with W. Cleon Skousen in establishing an educational foundation called the Freemen Institute, which was organized for the purpose of teaching American History, the Founding Fathers and principles of the Constitution. During the next number of years, Dr. Kimber presented patriotic seminars and conferences in all 50 states and in a number of foreign countries.
Continuing his education, he receiving two Doctorate degrees, one in Constitutional Studies in 1992 from Coral Ridge Baptist University, based in Florida. Later on he received a second Doctorate in education from George Wythe College. Dr. Kimber and his wife established a series of private schools called the Benjamin Franklin Academies to incorporate back into the classroom a strong moral and patriotic curriculum. In 2001 he also established the Kimber Academies, a private school for students ages K – 12. He and his wife have authored over 100 textbooks and educational guides which emphasize the U.S. Constitution, America’s Founding Fathers, and moral and religious values in all five core subjects. Currently,he is the president of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration, and in that capacity conducts seminars throughout the United States called “The Healing of America.”
Youth Breakout Session – “Learning to Find Your TRUE Potential”
In the world today, youth are finding it harder and harder to realize what they can accomplish, and who they can become. Dr. Kimber will help them to learn how to find that knowledge, and ways to use that knowledge in reaching their True Potential.
Joe Dyke, Math Inspirations

Joe Dyke is co-founder of Math Inspirations. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in Middle East Studies Arabic, he pursued his passion for teaching and mentoring young people by teaching high school math in Yuma nad Gilbert, Arizona for 3 years. In 2012, he and his wife Emily moved their family to the Phoenix valley and founded Math Inspirations to mentor and empower homeschool parents to mentor their students using the Discovery Method to build them into confident, self-reliant, powerful thinkers.

Youth (& Adult) Breakout Session – “Helping Your Students Conquer The Math ACT/SAT”
So you’ve spent the last decade helping your child learn math. Hundreds of hours of flash cards and worksheets and $$$ on textbooks and now all that effort is about to be judged by the “supreme math court”, the ACT/SAT test. This judgment day can be a daunting and stressful time for your student and you too – hardest of all is that their time to complete their preparation now seems so limited, counting down the days and months before the test. How do you maximize the time that your student has to get the best result possible? Should they cram? Should they just take a million practice tests? Should they wait another year? These are difficult questions that millions of parents have struggled with before. There is an answer to these questions. In fact, the answer is surprisingly simple – and I’ve seen it help every age of student with every math background find success on the ACT/SAT. If you have teenage students, no matter how strong or weak their math talent, this presentation is for you. Come learn the one simple secret to maximize the results of your student on these high-stakes tests.
Jen and Emily-sm
Jen and Emily Kelly
My husband of 22 years and I have six awesome kids! I’ve homeschooled for 13 years. I love nature, especially hiking, biking, paddle boarding, and kayaking.I’m passionate about nutrition! I love fruits and veggies, juicing, and raw food cuisine. I love humanitarian work! We’ve had amazing experiences as a family traveling to different parts of the world and living in Guatamala. Giving my kids the opportunity to grow up in a developing country, learning Spanish, participating in humanitarian work, and thriving in a new culture has been the best thing our family has done!
BONUS CLASS at 7:30pm for Youth AND Adults
Emily will share her experiences with youth groups who’ve come to Guatamala, and how she’s grown in confidence and leadership by participating. Jen will share how they homeschool and incorporate humanitarian work. They will play a few leadership games. They w ill give info on upcoming leadership/humanitarian trips to Guatamala.

Kids Corner Breakout Sessions

(Check back often for updates!)
Jenny Ballif, “Science Mom”

Jenny is “Science Mom”, a YouTuber and author of several activity guides. She has a master’s degree in Plant Science and has worked as a molecular biologist and a wildland firefighter, and at several other jobs that fall in between wearing a lab coat and wielding a chainsaw. During the past five years, she has donated more than 400 unpaid hours teaching science in public schools across Nevada.

Kids Corner Breakout Session – “Epic Electric”
Your phone and computer run on electricity. But what exactly is this stuff? Join Science Mom for a hands-on lesson where you’ll get to dive deep into the magical world of electrons: you’ll get to move tinsel, cans, and balloons without touching them, see and understand the fascinating phenomenon of the tesla coil, and turn on a light bulb with a piece of fruit. It’s going to be epic!
1paul vasey photo
Paul Vasey, Former Teacher of Business
Paul Vasey is a former teacher of Business Studies who left the UK and now living in California. After teaching and talking about Business, he left the confines of the classroom to walk the walk. He wanted to put what he had learned from teaching students into practice to make a difference. He noticed that there was a huge disconnect between money and math. In his free time, he likes to spend time with his wife, walk, body board, swim, golf, drink coffee by the beach and come up with various concepts that could be turned into reality.

Kids Corner Breakout Session – “Learn the Value of Money Through Playing Board Games”
Learn the value of money, cash flow and other money habits through playing a personal finance board game for ages 7 to 12.

Stefanie Zwygart – Environmental Education
Stefanie is an outstanding professional in the field of environmental education. Since moving to Ogden in 2009 to work for the Ogden Nature Center as its Education Director, Stefanie is responsible for providing nature education programs and experiences to thousands of people each year. Outstanding int he field of environmental education, she is a dynamic leader who loves to share her passion for natural world. Stefanie is a mom and community volunteer.

Kids Corner Breakout Session – “Learning About Animals”
Stephanie will be teaching about animal and nature, with Live Animals.

Knox Academy Logo
Knox Academy
Imagine a play where a student comes to learn skills for the 21st century. Imagine  aplace where a student grapples with and faces the issues of our day. Imagine a place where a student isn’t tested against a set of generalized standards, but proves every day to be competent. The goal of the Knox Academy is to create 21st century creative problem solvers.

Kids Corner Breakout Session – “Let’s Explore Latin America!”
Learn about Latin America through a story and traditional craft.

Evelyn Fannin – Cool Tools Math Courses
Evelyn Fannin, as a certified Elementary School Teacher I taught in grades 1 – 9 and over 9 years taught 2900 students, all ages, in an after-school and summer program. I discovered many students can’t learn math in the usual way. My life’s quest: to create math courses for students to discover they are smart. Hundreds of testimonials verify success. Cool Tools Math Courses with online video lessons and downloadable pages or using the write-on wipe-away activity books, students discover “Secrets” (actually patterns) to make Math easy and FUN! Self-confidence soars with success in Math.

Kids Corner Breakout Session – “Discover “Secrets” to make math easy and fun!”
Are you ready to learn how to do math while having fun? I will be teaching my Cool Tools Math Course with fun activity books!!

Myroslava Hagen
Myroslava Hagen – Clarinetist with the Utah Wind Symphony
Myroslava received her musical training at Concordia College (Moorhead Minnesota), The University of Utah and the University of Arizona. Myroslava is the principal clarinetist with the Utah Wind Symphony. She is very active as an educator and clinician. In 2012, Myroslava traveled to Puerto Rico to present a masterclass for the clarinet studio at the Puerto Rico Conservatory. Myroslava is a Yamaha Performing Artist and Vandoren Regional Artist.

Kids Corner Breakout Session – “Music at ANY age! Bringing Music to You”
The Kids will be able to hold and play many different kind of instruments while we teach the different kind of instruments and how they work and the different sounds they make.


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