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This conference is designed to help support and rejuvenate home educating parents
who want to thrive, not just survive the homeschooling experience.
You don’t have to be currently homeschooling to attend!

January 27th, 2018
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
(with a bonus event for families that evening)

Davis Conference Center
1651 N. 700 W.
Layton, UT 84041


Youth Keynotes

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Adam_Hailstone sm
Adam Hailstone, Leadership Academy of Utah

Adam received his BA from a small Liberal Arts school. He has spoken to 1000’s of people across North America inspiring people to improve their lives and obtain a liberal arts education. It is his life’s mission to help pull people out of life’s ruts and to motivate them to live a meaningful life. Adam spent much of his 20’s as a small business owner. Later he sold his business to help build Williamsburg Learning, which operates three schools, including Leadership Academy of Utah. Currently, he is serving as a Mentor, Director of Leadership and Chief Marketing Officer

Youth Keynote – Proving to Yourself and the World, You’ve Got This

Do you sometimes feel the world holds you back because of your age? Too often parents, teachers, even friends discount what you can do because you’re a teenager. Well, it’s time to prove them wrong! Adam Hailstone, Director of Leadership at Williamsburg Learning, is here to show you how!

Youth Breakout Sessions

(Check back often for updates!)
Kamron Duncan Head Shot_sm
Kamron Duncan, 3 Key Elements Mentor

Kamron is an adventure seeker. He has been skydiving, completed 2 Spartan races — he’s even licked a glacier. Kamron is an Eagle Scout and served a 2-year LDS mission in Alaska. He loves snowboarding, 3D modeling, welding, and drone cinematography. He is a huge fan of the power in music. He married the love of his life, Katy, in January 2016. As an inspiring 3 Key Elements mentor, Kamron guides and coaches people to recognize the simple steps they can take to ultimately obtain their goals.

Youth Breakout Session – Gladiator 101
Win the battle in your mind. Learn to identify and free yourself from anything that’s holding you back from obtaining your ambitions. Discover your champion potential and prepare to suit up – in actual armor! Kamron Duncan will train you to build a mind of steel, stand as a warrior against negative thoughts, and move forward to achieve your dreams.
Braxee Ward Headshot_sm
Braxee Ward

Braxee loves sharing her talents with others! She loves ballroom dancing – even though her muscles ache all the time. She mixed two of her favorite things, (art and helping others) to create a coloring book to raise money for a humanitarian trip to Guatemala! Braxee has traveled across the states on a road trip with her family. She loves making new friends and taking risks! By living with the phrase – ‘Don’t let your fear stop you’ – she has sung on stage with Alex Boye, gone on a scary roller-coaster, and can you believe it…she has even driven a vehicle!!

Youth Breakout Session – Feel the Fear and Conquer It
Have you ever been afraid of something or someone?
The answer is probably yes, because we are all humans, and humans feel fear. This class is here to teach you ways to conquer your fear and become the real you again. Be willing to change and make a difference in your life. Come get your dreams planned out and your fears conquered.
Greg Denning_sm
Greg Denning, Speaker/Trainer/Mentor

Greg Denning inspires, motivates and empowers parents and youth to unlock their untapped potential, become their best and live the life they were born to live. He has been teaching, speaking and mentoring for 20 years, and across 5 continents. Growing up in a broken home and out on his own at 16, he voraciously sought the proven principles and practices for true happiness, success and significance. He found them! Now his mission is to strengthen families all across the globe. With their 7 children, Greg and Rachel have traveled around the world for the last 10 years, homeschooling and ‘world schooling’ their kids. With his amazing stories, insights, and enthusiasm, Greg will share the tools and techniques you need to SUPERCHARGE your family and your home school.

Youth Breakout Session – How to Live Your EPIC Life Story
You have the genius, power, and pure awesome-sauce to live your own unique and EPIC life story — a great education, wonderful relationships, and a powerful life purpose. There will be challenges, obstacles and setbacks, but with these simple secrets you can transform them into adventure, success and triumph. Come find out what is keeping most youth from reaching their potential and discover the secret ingredients to living a truly phenomenal life.
Gareth Millsap_sm
Gareth Millsap

Gareth is the type of person that everyone hopes they’ll run into on a bad day. He is charismatic, energetic, and can always find a way to bring a smile to someone’s face. He is a physically active person, from coaching parkour classes to singing on stage. Gareth is a Junior in high school, and he attends Leadership Academy of Utah. He wishes to pursue a life of inspiring others, and intends to make good on the struggle he’s endured by helping others to rise out of the darkness that surrounds them and become their own greatest heroes.

Youth Breakout Session – How to Uncage the Hero Inside of Us
We, as a human race, flock to stories of heroes more than any other tale. Why? Because we’re desperately looking for heroes to inspire us. To give us hope that tomorrow will be a better day. However, inside of each of us, there is a dormant hero just begging to be let out. A hero that can not only inspire and rescue those around us, but a hero that can save us from the daily “super-villains” that we constantly face. We are all that kind of hero. We just need to unlock the cage and become what we are meant to be.
Jaxon Floyd_sm
Jaxon Floyd, V.P. Layton Youth Court

Jaxon is passionate about theater, mock trial, and guitar. Jaxon is all about connecting with people and building relationships. He has learned that he doesn’t have to wait until he is older to live a purposeful life and has chosen to live deliberately right now. His purpose is to ignite the fire in others to identify and pursue their passions. Jaxon serves as the Vice President for The Layton Youth Court. He has earned awards in the areas of Dance, Debate, Model United Nations, and is a two-time Mock Trial State Champion. Jaxon is 17, comes from a family of 9 and is an uncle to 11 nieces and nephews.

Youth Breakout Session – Annihilate the Teenage Stereotypes
“Teenagers are lazy, hooked on social media, and too young to understand anything about life.” Are you serious?! Find out how stereotypes are killing your progression and how you can annihilate them to become the teenage anomaly. Put your purpose into action and live a meaningful life right now!

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